Conference registration

Conference registration fee

Date of Receipt of the applicable registration fee by the Conference

Applicable registration fee*

CAN$ / US$

August 01 – 31, 2016 1350.00
September 01 – 30, 2016 1450.00
October 01 – 18, 2014 1550.00 
N / A N /A

* Please add, on the regular registration-registration fee, shown above, $450.00 for each additional article presented by the same participant. Applicable Canada HST-tax of 13% is extra.

The applicable Conference registration fee, indicated above, includes the following:

– The participation of one participant at the pertinent Conference sessions including the presentation of her/his (one) article (which has been accepted by the Conference).

–  Lunches and coffee-breaks (daily) during the period of the presentations at the Conference.

– A banquet dinner.

– One copy of the pertinent Conference-proceedings in CD-format.

To register in the Conference, please fully complete and duly sign the pertinent Conference registration form (LINK below), one form for each participant, and send it / them by e-mail, as an attachment(s), to the Conference chair:

Professor Dr. Y. M. Haddad, P. Eng.
Chair: AES-ATEMA International Conference Series.

 Save on your Conference-registration fee:

Please select one of the following options that may be applicable:

– Session* organizers may deduct Can$500.00 of the regular registration fee. (*A session must be planned of at least five speakers who will pay their regular registration fee in full).

– Graduate Students may deduct Can$100.00 from the regular registration fee. A graduate student here must be of full-time status at her/his university, and must be accompanied, to the Conference, by his research professor/director.

– Participants in more than one Conference, in the announced AES-ATEMA’2015 Series, may deduct 10% of the total applicable regular registration fee.